GEOanalyzer is the software we have developed for the acquisition and the connection of GPS data with digital images and clips and their subsequent processing.
This device allows the mapping and monitoring of technological networks and linear infrastructures, in addition to natural components.

The possibility of installing this system on different kinds of movable vectors, such as vehicles, helicopters or trains is an important feature that makes CIRO system usable for different applications. Through a touch-screen graphic interface, the software allows the operator to record, by a simple click on codified keys, the anomalies observed during the mapping at the end of which a report containing the precise coordinates associated to the different kinds of criticality observed is immediately available.


ga tool

GEOviewer is the software developed by Geocart allowing our clients to display the data acquired by our MAPPING and CIRO remote sensing systems.

Laser data, images captured by digital cameras, video cameras, hyperspectral sensors and thermal cameras can be integrated into the same software in order to obtain the simultaneous display of laser points, images and digital signatures.

GEOviewer allows the display of georefence products through a specific application, clicking on specific points distributed over the different sections into which the detected area is divided. 


slide interfaccia

SLIDE - SAR Land Interferometry Data Exploitation - is the software obtained over many years' work, carried out by some of our technicians at the Italian Space Agency site in Matera, within the research on the differential Interferometry techniques on SAR-type radars.

This software allows the analysis of series of scenes acquired in the past by ERS satellites and today by the COSMO-SkyMed constellation both on a large scale, for example to monitor whole regions and on limited areas, as in the case of single structures or small residential zones. Thanks to the use of SLIDE, we can monitor and control sites and structures in general, but also dams, bridges, viaducts and buildings affected by slow moves also less than 1 centimetre a year,with a very high observation frequency.  








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