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In the early 1990s, a group of young experts made an ambitious decision: to respond to the growing demand for environmental monitoring and terrain mapping services, through a business project based on continuous innovation. Started in 1992, the “Geocart” idea became reality on July 25, 1994 with the establishment of corporation built on the expertise of Antonio Colangelo's, the company’s main promoter and manager since the foundation.

Since the beginning, the main goal of the engineering company has been to confirm its leadership by offering customers highly-specialized products and services, addressed to ever-changing national and international markets. The results achieved over the years have proven the success of this choice. The first important commissioned order is assigned by Enel Distribuzione in the late 90s: the implementation of the Information System of the national energy network.

In 2000, Engineer Maurizio Leggieri, one of the main experts of Earthquake Engineering at international level and co-founder of the current Civil Protection, was appointed Technical manager of the company.

In 2001, the research activity carried out by Geocart resulted in the launch of CIRO (Computer Integration for Remote Observation), a flexible sensing system that went on to introduce innovative elements in the branch of power line inspections by helicopter.

In the early 2000s, the company enjoyed great success in the management of important national projects, such as the research project for the monitoring of the Lucanian Ionian coast evolution assigned by the Italian Spatial Agency within the Cosmo Skymed Programme, as well as international ones such as the European Twinning supporting the Governments of Nations like Poland, Romania and Estonia for the transposition of European Directives.

2003 was a crucial year: an old mill was reconverted and transformed into the new seat of the company. In the same year, the technological development in the company reached an important target: the finalizing of MAPPING, an airborne multi-sensor platform integrating innovative devices for territorial data and information capture. Furthermore, the company acquired the certification of the quality management system in compliance with UNI EN ISO9001 standard.

After some years, the development of the SLIDE software for satellite data processing opened new business horizons in the spatial sector.

The company's professionalism has become increasingly evident both at national and international level and the constant collaborations over several years with organizations such as CTBTO of the UN and with important companies such as Italferr, Terna, Lucart and Sogin have demonstrated this.

Today, that group of young experts has become a multidisciplinary team comprising more than 40 experts engaged in research, planning and implementation of high-quality solutions designed to respond to the growing needs of national and international markets.

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