For more efficient energy, we need smart ideas.

We study integrated solutions aimed at the waste reduction, decrease in the energy need of a building, and increase in energy efficiency performances. Raising energy efficiency allows us to get remarkable advantages for the client, such as energy consumption saving, a greater home comfort, an increase in the house value , but also important advantages for the environment because the gas emission in the atmosphere is reduced.

In addition to the traditional assessment methods of the energy need, based on the degree k-day parameter, we carry out innovative analyses based on the data coming from the distributed sensors installed in the structures. The remote transmission of information allows more sophisticated analyses compared to those ones proposed by energy efficiency policies.

In particular, through ad hoc reclassifications, we carry out activities aimed at creating small-scale mappings of climate areas, namely detailed thermal microzonations.

The climate microzonation can be used by local administrations for an effective use of the territory, drafting plans and rules based on systems for a better energy efficiency of buildings and for orienting urban planning strategies of new areas.

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