To offer an added value to our services and respond more quickly and effectively to the market demands, we have chosen to share part of our path with strong and reliable partners. We have done this through the strategical participation in groups operating in sectors we operate in, which adopt an innovation-oriented approach.

In this framework, we foster and support technical and commercial agreements in order to increase the expectations of success thanks to the collaboration with the following organizations:


  • CREATEC def

    Consorzio per l’Ambiente e l’Innovazione tecnologica - Consortium for Environment and Technological Innovation is the consortium that gathers ten Lucanian SMEs specialized in Industrial Research and Development of Innovative Services, able to boast an overall turnover of about 45 million Euro for a total of 500 operators. The strategy is to be an interlocutor between the world of research and public institutions for the promotion and development of new technologies and methodologies in the field of ICT and the technologies for the Earth Observation.
    Over the last few years Createc, through the public-private TeRN Consortium “Technologies for Earth Observation and Natural Risks”, participated in important programmes of Research & Development and has become an important reference for Universities, Centres of Research and National Bodies specialized in technological innovation for the environment in order to build projects of technological development at international level.

  • tern def

    Through the participation in Createc, we have become an integral part of the public-private Consortium TeRN, that is today the Technological District of the Basilicata Region on Earth Observation and Natural Risks.
    TeRN was founded in 2005 from the aggregation of private and public partners within an Framework Programme Agreement among MIUR, MEF and Regione Basilicata. TeRN comprises public partners - 51% (CNR-IMAA, Consorzio Interuniversitario RELUIS, ARPAB, ENEA and UNIBAS) and private partners, 49% (e-Geos, CREATEC), representing the best of the Lucanian Industry dealing with Earth Observation. The strategic objective of the Technological district of the Basilicata Region is the development of a system “research– training - innovation” based on the technologies of Earth Observation (EO) from the ground, from airplane and from satellite, oriented to the monitoring and mitigation of natural risks.


    ImpresAmbiente  is a limited Consortium joint enterprise, privately and publicly funded.
    Composed of several and qualified southern universities, research bodies, consortia and SMEs, the consortium is the implementing partner of the Project of the Ministry of University and Research, concerning the constitution of a Centre of Technological Competence on the theme “Analysis and prevention of the environmental risk”. Its task is to promote the technological innovation in the field of analysis of environmental risks for enterprises, Public Administration and big utilities transferring high scientific-technological services, activating training processes, playing a role of support in the field of quality and certification, fostering actions of technological brokerage. The task of training and informing the users is performed through sharing the results of the research and development activity, orienting the demand of technological innovation, even in spheres different from those of the CCT of reference.

  • SUDGEST def1

    SudgestAid is a non-profit organization, whose mission is  aid for difficult development, that is aid for the difficult development in troubled regions all over the world.
    The structures deals with the promotion and management of sustainable development projects in areas hit by crisis, or where development is a particular challenge, or in post-conflict situations, with an approach aimed at testing new development lines , innovating the contents of the activities and the working methodology, through a qualified network of collaborators and experts in Italy and abroad. In the framework of the cohesion and development policies in Italy and those of cooperation to development towards Third Countries, namely towards the Mediterranean area, the Middle East and the Balkans, SudgestAid wants to be an instrument of intervention in the troubled regions and subregions.

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