Business Ethics, Compliance and Whistleblowing

    The adoption of an organizational, management and control model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001, in addition to contributing - along with other circumstances - to the exclusion of the Company's liability with reference to the commission of certain types of crimes, represents an act of social responsibility on the part of the Company, from which benefits flow for a multiplicity of parties whose interests are linked to the life of the company.

    The existence of a system of control of entrepreneurial action, together with the establishment and dissemination of ethical principles, improving the standards of behavior adopted by the Company, in fact, increases the trust and excellent reputation it enjoys with third parties and, above all, fulfills a normative function in that it regulates the behavior and decisions of those who are called upon to work in favor of the Company on a daily basis, in accordance with the aforementioned ethical principles and standards of behavior.

    In this context, the Company has, therefore, intended to initiate a series of activities aimed at making its organizational model compliant with the requirements of the Decree and consistent with the reference legislative and regulatory context, with the principles already rooted in its own governance culture and with the indications contained in the category guidelines issued by the most representative associations.

    Reports of violations of the 231 Model can be sent by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by mail to:
    GEOCART S.p.A. - Organismo di Vigilanza Modello 231
    Viale del Basento n. 120
    85100 - Potenza (PZ)

    MODEL 231

    This Code of Ethics is to be considered primarily a useful tool for preserving the value and integrity of the company over time. It is a set of positive principles and rules of behavior that the Company has voluntarily chosen to adopt and make public as a concrete expression of its intentions towards its stakeholders, with a view to social responsibility that must inspire, without exception, all members of the corporate organization (managers, employees, consultants, partners, suppliers) in both internal and external relations and for the realization of the mission of the Company and the group to which it belongs.

    It is therefore a duty to know the Code of Ethics thoroughly, just as it is a duty to apply it.


    Geocart S.p.A., in compliance with the regulatory provisions introduced by Legislative Decree 24/2023, has established a process for reporting violations of national and European regulations, as listed in Article 1 of Legislative Decree 24/2023, ensuring that whistleblowers are adequately protected through the provision of specific protection measures. For more details on the subject matter of the reports and their management, please read the "Whistleblowing Policy" available at the following link

    The reports must be detailed and complete with all the elements useful for the reconstruction and verification of the reported fact. To make it easier for the whistleblower to prepare the report, the form includes a series of questions aimed at acquiring the information needed to provide an exhaustive picture of the situation.

    To submit a report Click here


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