SIMBA | Integrated Monitoring System of Hydrographic Basins


The general objective of the project called "SIMBA" is the creation of an Integrated Monitoring System of Hydrographic Basins able to support the planning of maintenance, rehabilitation and restoration interventions of potential risk situations, the monitoring of the status of waters and the health state of the surrounding vegetation.

The system is based on the use of different techniques of Earth Observation which involve the use of both satellite data and data acquired through airborne platforms as well as the reuse of environmental and territorial data of different nature and sources, also acquired with different purposes or in the context of other projects and which are of interest, above all, in order to establish the state of knowledge of the territory to be monitored (both in terms of morphology and environmental parameters considered to be of particular interest).

The project, realized by the TeRN Consortium, which Geocart belongs to, for the Parco Nazionale Appennino Lucano Val d'Agri Lagonegrese, has foreseen an initial start-up phase with a study activity and a first implementation of the System and subsequent phase regime

In the startup phase, Geocart produced the following documents:

  1. GIS of Geomorphological Framework of the Park area on a large scale and on a detailed scale;
  2. GIS of Geomorphological Framework in a detailed scale of the Pertusillo Lake area;
  3. GIS of Identification of Areas potentially subject to Hydrogeological Instability.

The layers loaded in the GIS are spatial databases produced by a synthesis work of the acquired information.

The hydrogeological instability index layers, which characterize the GIS for the identification of areas potentially subject to hydrogeological instability, constitute the product of greatest interest because they allow us to locate the areas most exposed to hydrogeological instability events.

Time Period: 2015 - 2016

DIGITAL LIGHTHOUSE PROJECT | Virtual reality and digital visual effects


The search for solutions guaranteeing the fruition of spatial information through increasingly accurate and realistic virtual realities through the identification of user-friendly software application, is currently one of the most innovative activities we have.

Cinema, gaming and cultural goods are the sectors which will take more advantage from the results of our experimentation. We aim in fact to investigate and optimize the techniques currently in use in the production process of Visual Effects and faithful digital reconstruction of the sites of interest, architectonic objects and buildings, so to get high quality results reducing the effort, both in terms of time and cost. In order to achieve this important objective, we started up the implementation of a research and development project that classified at the first place in the rankings for aids to investments for SMEs.

The digital metamorphosis that is affecting the cinematographic sector, is likely to result in the rewriting of rules and practices currently used giving to the movie post production and in particular to the digital visual effects, the leading role.

Today, thanks to the digital technologies, it is possible to recreate by the computer scenarios, situations, objects and people carefully detailed. Within the epochal evolution that is affecting the movie industry, we want to support the Italian cinema in the creation of a “smart cinema”, bare of sophisticated and expensive set completely rebuilt for each movie, through the digitalization of movie set and the optimization of the workflow necessary to the production of post-production visual effects. We want to contribute to the revolution of the Italian cinema, by being on the frontline through the creation of a new and original movie product.

Furthermore, the objective of this experimentation is to offer increasingly advanced tools to support more determined and better financed policies in the sectors of Entertainment Media and Cultural Goods (safeguard, management and promotion of the heritage) at European, National and Regional level.

The project was financed under the Public Notice "Aiuti agli investimenti in Ricerca e Sviluppo per le PMI della Città di Potenza" ("Aid for Investments in Research and Development for SMEs in the City of Potenza") with funds from the P.O. FESR Basilicata 2007/2013 Asse V "Sistemi urbani" Linea di Intervento V.1.2.B.

Time Period: 2014 - 2015

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The focus of the project on augmented reality is addressed to the development and implementation of a tool allowing a more efficient display of the reality analysed and inspected during the mapping phase. Through the techniques and the functionalities offered by the augmented reality, we want to offer to clients a way to enrich their own sensorial experience, through the combining of information characterized by a high degree of interactivities that, electrically generated and routed, would not be perceived by the five senses.

Basically, a software that allows the display of real data also in augmented reality and thus enriched by a set of textual and image information that will be displayed independently by the used devices. The solution will support the barcode reading, Nfc and Rfid devices and the detection of the graphometric digital signature.

Through this solution, we want to aim to improve the typical bonds of the sector, such as the limitation in the integrability of different applications and the related information managed in a unique application, the difficulties linked to the not negligible costs of data diffusion in the network, the accuracy and the dimension of the processed data. We are developing a solution compatible with the economic and technical market's needs that can work, whereas necessary, also in absence of connectivity and that envisages the availability of all the necessary information.

The planning and development of the solution in object are based on a deepened feasibility study that emphasizes the existing technologies and products and aims to reach the highest degree of innovation. On-site functional tests aimed at improving data transmission will be carried out for validation.

The project was funded under the Public Notice "Concessione di Premi Innovazione per lo sviluppo competitivo delle PMI" ("Granting of Innovation Awards for the competitive development of SMEs") with funds from the P.O. FESR Basilicata 2007/2013 Asse II "Società della Conoscenza".

Time Period: 2014 - 2015

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