Who we are

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Geocart S.p.A. is an engineering company, based in Italy, working in the sectors of Earth Observation, Infrastructures, Energy, Environment and Territory, Civil Engineering, Farming and Forestry, ICT, developing innovative services that respond to every market need.

Our mission is to observe, sense and anticipate the changes in the world, first of all listening to the client. We do this by using innovative methods and technologies, designing customised solutions and developing the right competence.

Professionalism, creativity and promptness are our key words.

We work day by day to develop new sensing tools and new survey techniques we need to characterize the territory and monitor the environment, because we are sure that the future is the most important space to be explored.

We plan and produce solutions that use alternative sources to produce clean energy, because we think sustainable development is the ultimate result for a better world.

So, thanks to our competence in the sectors of engineering and ICT, ideas become projects and needs become solutions. It is because we firmly believe in the planning feasibility and potentiality the new technologies can offer.


Innovation above all.

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