GEO 3D INSPECTION | Development of an innovative software platform for data analysis and display to support infrastructure management decisions

Geo 3D Inspection

The Geo3D Inspection software is a natural development of the Geoviewer platform and Geo3D tool created by Geocart in 2001. In both its DESKTOP and WEB versions, the software is an innovative integrated dashboard of solutions aimed at analyzing and displaying geographical/geo-referenced information. The system, equipped with a GIS engine, enables us to display and compare data coming from heterogeneous sources in an integrated and simultaneous way. Through temporal or geographic links, it is possible to combine high resolution images and video, thermal images, and LiDAR point clouds in a single operating interface, making it easier to acquire measurements and sections and assess the conditions of the electrical infrastructure's components. It is both a user-friendly application and a powerful calculation tool that allows integrated data management. Geo3D Inspection has additional and interesting features that enable us to optimize the internal processing methods and, at the same time, meet our customers' needs more effectively. The main functions of the software are the integration with the main DBMS, the automatic search of problems, the determination of safety distances, the client-server architecture, and the automatic extractions of altitude profiles. Geo3D Inspection also allows us to perform what-if analyses, based on validated mathematical models, which simulate potential future scenarios and alterations of the status quo, such as changes in the catenaries due to exogenous factors (e.g., atmospheric agents), identification of trees' interferences, calculation of the fall radius and simulation of the electromagnetic field propagation through the line.

Time Period: 2019 - In progress

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