AOSTA DIGITALE | Innovation for history

AOSTA DIGITALE | Innovation for history

The Aosta Digitale Project, selected as part of the pre-commercial contract promoted by the Single Central Commission of the Autonomous Region of Valle d'Aosta for the enhancement of cultural heritage, provides an interactive discovery and fascinating itinerary of Aosta City where access to cultural heritage coincides with the experience of exploring, investigating and understanding of the re-connected sites in an innovative report that does not renounce the scientific value of information, but rather declines in an informative format for a broad audience.

Aosta Digitale offers two tools to end-user: a video game (an interactive application developed according to the principles of gamification to explore Aosta remotely) and the “Interactive Map” application, which serves as a "compass" and "magnifying lens” to move around Aosta and learn about the city's main cultural beauties even following suggestive thematic routes.
The two instruments, one serving as a spin-off to the other, are linked by the same plot, a true emotional exploration engine, inspired by William Brockedon's Travel Journal, published in London between 1828 and 1829 with the title “Illustrations of the Passes of the Alps, by which Italy communicates with France, Switzerland and Germany”.

The video game tool is intended to remotely build an affectionate and curious atmosphere around the city in order to entice the visitor to continue the discovery by physically reaching Aosta. Once arrived, with the help of the interactive map, the user will be able to navigate the sites of interest and access to "augmented" information that will make the path a unique experience.

The “Interactive Map” application is the exploration engine; the discovery of the cultural treasures the city embraces is ensured through access to various features and application of interactive content. The three applied technologies include: Inter-connected Augmented Reality, Immersive Virtual Reality and 3D Audio.

However, technology is just the medium that sustains conducting the journey of discovery, not the end.
The ultimate goal is to learn about Aosta through a comprehensive discovery route in which the traces present in various sites intertwine in a unitary vision of the city.

Project Partners: Geocart S.p.A. – Effenove s.r.l.s.

Scientific Project Manager: Archaeologist Giordana Amabili

Research Consultant: Department of Mathematics, Computer Science and Economics (DIMIE) of Basilicata University (UNIBAS)

Time Period: 2019 – 2020

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