SPOT | A platform development for provision of innovative services based on Earth Observation data


The SPOT Research and Development Project, funded by MISE under "Major R&D Projects - PON Enterprises and Competitiveness FESR 2014/2020" and developed in collaboration with the National Research Council and the company Digimat Srl, has aimed to develop an ICT platform for the provision of innovative services based on the application of Earth Observation (EO) technologies. The platform enables the provision of services based on the integration of latest data and satellite products with in-situ observation data and numerical model products, with the objective of addressing the major inherent social challenges, e.g. territory security and energy-environmental sustainability. Geocart focused its research activities on prototyping an infrastructure monitoring service based on information acquisition from satellite images processing as well as in-situ sensors for the diagnosis of operations or monitoring of areas on which they insist (technical electromagnetic and seismic).
The solution, developed for the "Gravina Bridge" study area, including automation of data processing workflow, acquired on-site developed by the CNR partner, made the output data and information easily accessible and interpretable even by non-expert users. Another relevant aspect for the project was the 3D reconstruction of the test infrastructure from LiDAR and photogrammetric survey which allows to model and study the structure for engineering purposes.
Specifically, Geocart was responsible for the following Project Implementation Objectives:

  • OR1 Analysis of data, services and products based on EO satellite missions
  • OR9 Prototyping of Infrastructure Monitoring Pilot Service
  • OR11 SPOT Platform experimentation

Project Partners: Digimat S.p.A. (Lead Partner), Geocart S.p.A., National Research Council-Institute of Methodologies for Environmental Analysis (CNR-IMAA).

Time Period: 2017 – 2019

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