ALFORLAB | Public-private laboratory for Environment-Wood-Forest chain


The Ambi.Tec.Fil.Legno (ALFORLAB) project, funded by the PON tool (PON03_00024_1), has as its strategic goal the development and the integration of innovative technologies for the enhancement of the environmental and forest resources of Calabria region and primarily of wood, material with high environmental sustainability, through actions of industrial research and experimental development in all the different phases of the forest-wood-environment chain, from production, to transformation, to the use of nanotechnologies.

Among the ecological systems that supply goods and services, forest ecosystems play an irreplaceable role, which is continuously growing in importance and recognition, even at international level.

These are renewable resources that are more strategic than ever with enormous prospects of scientific progress and technological innovation on which to base sustainable biosphere management policies, to increase the productivity of bio-materials in a framework of conservation and improvement of ecosystems.

Generally, the goal of the project is to optimize the wood supply chain in all its phases (growth, collection, characterization and processing, up to the development of the products needed for final use), with the aim of reducing costs and improve products. The final target market is that of companies that work and use wood. The strength of the project consists in the integrated vision of these issues in relation to the aspects of the supply chain and can, therefore, fully favor the exploitation of all the technologies involved in the process.

The activities carried out by Geocart are included in those provided by Line 1 "Advanced monitoring and inventorying", with specific regard to the acquisition and supply of lidar data, orthophotos and hyperspectral data.

Project Partners: CNR (Lead Partner), CREA, University of Calabria, Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria, CETMA Consortium, Fabiano Legnami srl, TeRN Consortium, Officina InfoByte srl, Tarsia Petroli / SLL Legnami, CREATI s.c., GST Italia srl, Laboratorio Tevere s.r.l., SuperElectric s.r.l.

Time Period: 2014 - 2017

Project website:

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